DLT Practice Areas

DLT focuses on the specific practice of representing business entities.  DLT is experienced in structuring startup and emerging companies, the purchase and sale of businesses, cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses, and planning the various strategic funding options for your business.  When necessary, DLT skillfully plans and advises your business and works to resolve disputes and conflicts in the most effective and expediate way so your rights are protected but you are free to get back to business.  

Business Transactions

Start or purchase a new business, sell an existing business, purchase or sale of business assets, business formations; business management; business structuring; planning and strategies; business restructuring; business succession planning; cease and wind down business entities.

Business Finance

Raise start up funds, prepare and fund business expansion; business loans, business investment, financial regulatory compliance, private placement offerings, debt financing, securities regulation; equity crowdfunding; private equity and capital markets.

Business Planning 

Entity planning and selection, asset protection, risk management, planning for debt and equity fundraising, protect yourself and manage business and personal risk, investment review and structuring; regulatory compliance; and business contracts.


Distributed Ledger Technology, Digital Currencies, Security Token Sales (STO); Token Sales; Fintech regulation; Technology; and Money Transmission Business

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